Quality, food safety and environment

As part of Lantmännen, Lantmännen Reppe is an important player in the grain value chain from cultivation, purchase of raw materials, processing operations to sales and consumption. Throughout the chain from field to fork, Lantmännen works to take responsibility for the impact of its operations on people, animals and the environment, and with profitable businesses that contribute in a sustainable direction.

Lantmännen's Code of Conduct describes how we should behave to be a responsible company. Suppliers have similar requirements.

Resource-efficient production with high quality

Our work has the greatest focus on the issues where we have significant impact, read more about the sustainability strategy or our attitude on various issues that are important to us. Lantmännen annually communicates the results of the work in the Annual Report with Sustainability Report.

Lantmännen Reppe offers customers high quality bio-based products. The work for an increasingly resource-efficient production that reduces climate-impacting emissions and a safe working environment is ongoing. Lantmännen Reppe has a business management system certified according to ISO 9001 (quality) FSSC 22000 (food safety) and ISO 14001 (environment). Read more about our certificates see below. The management system also includes work environment routines.

We work for responsible purchasing and business relationships with suppliers, customers and other business partners. Self-evaluation for suppliers is found below.

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